De Graaf Performance Exhausts!

We now offer De Graaf Performance Exhausts which can be supplied and fitted at our workshop. Fitting a performance exhaust to your vehicle can be very beneficial to the performance of your vehicle from increased power to improved fuel consumption. It is important to note the advantages of a performance exhaust.       When […]

2F Cruiser Build

The famous Toyota Land Cruiser 2F pick-up is well known for its unique classic look and strong reliable engine! Built on the FJ40 chassis, the FJ45 was the pick-up version of the station wagon. The FJ series were available in a 4-door station wagon, Long Bed pick-up and Short Bed pick-up. The first of the […]

Wild Wheel’s Latest Addition!!!

If you know anything about travelling in Botswana, you will understand why a call for such a beast – is nothing – but a necessity. Harsh conditions dominate the travelers experience in this part of the world. With a self-drive safari rental vehicle this is the perfect match! From badly corrugated roads of the Central […]

Letaka Game Viewer by Hi-Range & Canopy Centre

As we wrap up and add yet another Game Viewer to the Letaka fleet. These builds are always great fun but come with challenges;  having to build this with just a few pictures of their current vehicles. The challenges always lie in getting the bends, measurements and seating positions right. However, our fabrication team live […]

The Grand Relaunch

The Grand Relaunch came and went almost as quickly as the renovations flew by. Though at the time, it felt like time was dragging on at tortoise pace! The hard work, long hours and offices full of dust surely paid off. Our relaunch event that was held in November, was open to the public to […]

Optimize Your 4WD: Outback Roof Consoles at Hi-Range & Canopy

  We are glad to announce that these products are now available in our store. We have stock available for most single and double cab bakkies. The Outback roof consoles have a neat design that fits well with the interior of the vehicle. With a range of options available for various vehicles, this makes a […]

Hi-Range Rangers

Our team recently completed some major work on two Ford Rangers. It seems as if these Rangers are reproducing in our workshop. We entered into long discussions with the customers to decide on a setup that would work for the vehicle’s intended application. In the case of the first customer (Extra Cab), the vehicle was […]

The Big RENO!!!

It has been a manic few months for the Hi-Range and Canopy Centre teams! We are currently in stage 4 of the Big renovation process, which we started in June 2017. The new facility is coming along nicely and we are really looking forward to the final product, which promises to be a key tool […]

Game Viewer Conversion Beta edition

We recently completed a project on a Land Cruiser single cab, which entailed stripping an old viewer frame off of the vehicle and starting a new frame from scratch with a few tweaks here and there to create our best viewer frame to date. We did away with the usual four post support frame design […]

Land Cruiser Trip by Edwards – Hi-Range & Canopy

Hi-Range together with Wild Wheels 4×4 have an exciting trip/blog on its way, as Stephan Edwards will be doing a lengthly trip in a Wild Wheels Land Cruiser between the 19th December 2017 and the 12 January 2018, where he will be documenting the different aspects of a 4×4 Self drive safari vehicle as well […]