4×4 Fun Day

As off-road enthusiasts, we love living the lifestyle, plus it means we can get out of the office, and go play! We recently had the opportunity to put together a 4×4 fun day with some fellow off-roaders! To no surprise, we had quite a few interested customers that joined in on the fun!

It was a beautiful winters day in Botswana, as we gathered on the edge of the Metsimotlhaba River bed. As all 6 vehicles arrived, we all proceeded to air down
our tyres, in order to navigate the dry and thick sand of the river bed. Everyone was in good spirits, and we all joked as to who would be the first to get stuck! Our convoy made its way through the river sand, and we all quickly appreciated the true, and somewhat untouched beauty of the landscape. Making frequent stops for photos, we decided to challenge ourselves, and play a game of cat and mouse where we would follow each other into some rather difficult sections of the dry river bed! This was a great way to showcase some of our products such as recovery gear, and learn about the proper use of our trusted 4×4’s. Some were bogged in the sand, although it’s all part of the fun, and a great way to test the capabilities of the driver.

After snaking our way through the river beds for several kilometres, we found an exit point to where we could slowly crawl to the top of a hill, and appreciate the landscape from up above! From there, we all cracked an ice cold beverage from our camping fridges, and got to know each other! The discussion took a turn, and we all decided that we would test the drivers abilities on a very steep downward slope to rejoin the river bed. Needless to say everyone made it down safely. Most of our guests were smiling ear to ear, except a few of the wives who were nervously smiling on the way down.


Everyone was having a blast, but we were getting hungry, and eager to stop for a lunch along the tall walls of the dry river. We checked our GPS, and scouted a
lovely spot where we could relax, and reflect on the awesome day of driving that we had just done. And it was no surprise we all came prepared with quality Botswana meat, and proceeded to light fires, crack jokes, and enjoy the scenery for the rest of the afternoon!


We really enjoyed our escapades, and getting to know our customers, so we decided we would prepare another 4×4 fun day in November!

Who’s joining the fun on our next adventures?