Overlanding with kids

Overlanding with kids, is it worth it? Join us, as we head to Khama Rhino Sanctuary!

Is it worth taking the kids to the bush? We’ve been asked many times over, so we took one for the team, and wrote all about it!

The day finally arrived, and we were busy with packing the last few things into our Hilux before heading to Khama Rhino Sanctuary! My two kids aged 4 and 2, my wife, and myself. Sure enough as the last of the camping gear was being loaded, the screams started! They were both fighting over a toy, as we managed to clip them into their car seats. A brief success, and off we went.


We arrived at Khama Rhino Sanctuary, and felt a sense of relief as we drove through the entrance, knowing the kiddies can now run freely for a bit with Mom, as I checked in. Apart from several tantrums, the kids took the few hours of driving like champions. The trick to overloading with kids is to keep them busy with snacks, drawing books, and more snacks. It has always worked for us.

We’ve been to Khama Rhino Sanctuary on numerous occasions already, so we all knew what was awaiting us as we arrived at our favourite campsite. Nestled under a huge Mokongwa tree, is campsite number 9.


Arriving to camp with 2 children that are as wild as it gets, is a whole operation within itself. The trick here is, I usually set up a table and chairs for the kids, and my wife, so that they can stay busy with Mom colouring, while I set up the rest of camp. There are of course always a few fights and tantrums over snacks, and who gets to use what colour between the two kids, but that’s part of growing up.

We now had camp set up, and the kids were finally under control. The only reason we finally had control is because they were stuffing their faces with cold watermelon from the camping fridge. Mom and Dad were in the front seat driving to Malema Pan, just in time for a beautiful Botswana sunset. Sure enough we had some amazing rhino sightings, who were playing in the mud with few giraffe in the distance. The best part about overlanding with kids, is that it might be difficult at times, but seeing the look on their faces when a rhino walks right past our 4×4, is priceless. And that beats any TV.

Back in camp I made a fire while Mom was wrestling in the rooftop tent with the 2 children, in order to get them dressed for bed time. This is no easy feat. Dinner time and camping with the children can either be a smooth operation, or it can be a disaster. This is very much depending on how over tired they are. This time it was a success, and we managed to have a relatively normal meal. Our 4 year old asking all sorts of questions about the animals, and the birds in the trees at Khama Rhino Sanctuary.

These are special times that we cherish as a family which leads back to the question…

Is it worth taking the kids on overlanding trips? The answer is an absolute yes! It will certainly be challenging at times, even making you want to question your sanity. But it beats any day on the couch, or any day in front of the TV.

Overlanding with kids is fun, exciting, and adventurous! A perfect environment to learn about the world.