The ultimate overlanding vehicle

We are no strangers to custom made builds here at Hi-Range Safari City, so when our customer delivered his GD6 Hilux to us, we of course, got right to work!

Straight into the fitment bay, we wasted no time, and started to fit the biggest piece of the puzzle. The Alucab canopy camper is a beautiful piece in engineering indeed, it has the lightweight and low-profile benefits of a modular canopy, combined with the versatility and spacious living quarters of a camper. A simple canopy and rooftop-tent installation is a tough thing to beat in terms of space, convenience and payload capacity.


In order to accommodate the extra weight of the camper, as well as the accessories loaded into the vehicle such as water, fuel, camping gear and so on, we opted for Tough Dog suspension. This was a no brainer as the foam cell pro shocks are perfectly designed for this application. The foam inserts helps to drastically reduce the effects of shock fade, allowing your shocks to perform better for longer, even on the harshest of corrugations. In the rear of the vehicle, we also included heavy duty leaf springs in order to balance the heavy load of the Hilux. As per our customers request we fitted an Intervolt battery management system, that way he can power all of his electronics, and never have to worry about draining battery systems.


The ultimate overloading vehicle needs to be able to travel long distances without having to stop for fuel often. The solution to this, was to fit an extra 80L fuel tank under the vehicle. This will give him about 1200kms of range before ever having to refuel, meaning he can spend more time in the bush enjoying the great outdoors that we all love!


Last but not least, we did full interior coverage of his trusty Hilux, with Takla Seat Covers. These seat covers are made to last, and made for you to travel in comfort! Nothing beats the smile on a customers face when we deliver a fully kitted vehicle!


This is the reason we love what we do; sharing the love for overlanding, and exploring, is what its all about!