The Grand Relaunch

The Grand Relaunch came and went almost as quickly as the renovations flew by. Though at the time, it felt like time was dragging on at tortoise pace! The hard work, long hours and offices full of dust surely paid off.

Our relaunch event that was held in November, was open to the public to showcase/display Canopy Centre, Ground Control and Hi-Range’s new up – market facilities, including its spacious, organized workshops and its outstanding showroom.

The relaunch gave customers and suppliers an opportunity to come together and have a glance of what we now have to offer. It was a good opportunity to instill confidence into the market with regards to our capabilities and offerings which are now available.

Coupled together with entertainment and extraordinary displays of vehicles that were kindly given to us by some of our loyal customers to use as display to showcase some of the work Hi-Range has done. There were some impressive vehicles on display, from self-contained Land Cruisers to hunting vehicles, camping trailer, fully stock Ford Rangers and even some fully kitted Land Cruiser 200 Series.

The event was open to everyone, even the kids! We had some lucky draw prizes up for grabs and even a colouring competition for the kids to participate in as well as other activities like a jumping castle and pop corn machine! All the proceeds made from the food and drinks table were donated to La Modimo Charity for their great cause, which aids the help and care of under privileged children. Hi-Range and Canopy Centre have been supporters of the La Modimo Charity for several years.

We were honored to have everyone here and greatly appreciate their attendance. Surrounded by good people, entertained by good music and not to mention Benju’s Ginologist evening. Benju provided gin and wine tasting for the Friday evening. The gin was a big hit. Benju went home with some good orders ? It was an all-round good show!

Between the three companies we managed to bring together a great crowd of suppliers that came in from all over to join in on this marketing opportunity. This was a great time to showcase their products and have time to share information with customers about what they have to offer and answer any questions about various products.

If you were not there you missed out on some ridiculous specials on Opposite Lock products. We had some crazy deals on spot lights, and 10% discount on other selected products from OL.

Over and above being a supplier, Darrell from Opposite Lock has been a key player in our business at Hi-Range over the years. Darrell and his team at OL have been very supportive and a big part of the development of the Opposite Lock brand in Botswana. With a great understanding of the challenges we face in this market together with OL, we have managed to build up a very viable supply on various OL products in Botswana.

OL really do offer great quality products with excellent after sales service, which in today’s market, can make or break a business. So, a special thank you needs to go to Darrell for his ongoing support over the years.”

The same can be said for the Front Runner team! Over the years Front Runner have developed many world class products. We are proud to be the sole distributors for Front Runner in Botswana. They too understand the concept of good service and the importance of after sales service. In a cut throat market where pricing is so competitive it is important to have the upper hand on service.

Front Runner and Hi-Range have walked a long road together since 2008 and play a vital role in our operation and offerings. Their famous Land Rover 110 LWB pick up was an eye catcher at the show.

Ross from Takla Products came up with his impressive seat cover display. It was great to see the different material options for seat covers they offer. Ross was a great sport at the event and we thank him hugely for making the effort.
Takla make great quality products which are something to look out for. They have a large range to select from, which covers light, commercial and heavy-duty vehicles. Their product range is wide spread and very impressive.

Noco boosters and chargers, which is also another world class product, brought up a display which was represented by Alyssa. Noco manufacture intelligent battery boosters and chargers. A product that was developed in the USA since 1914 that has made its way into the African market and proving itself to be a quality product. Alyssa knows her product and was very informative about the range of products they have to offer. This is a “must have” product as part of your recovery kit.

Gerhard from Rhinoman drove up with his Hilux, fitted with The Bush Company accessories and Rhino-cab Aluminium canopy, to spend the weekend up here with us. Gerhard’s display was a star attraction with their 270-degree angle Ostrich Awning from Big Country. We huddled around his vehicle to get away from the scorching sun! The Rhinoman display was very impressive. Gerhard is also very knowledgeable about his product.

Rhinoman are manufacturers of full aluminium canopies for off-road and commercial use. They have a wide range of canopy options with a choice of color options, we can fine tune a canopy to best suit the requirements of a vehicle and especially the customer. Rhino-cab are one of our preferred canopies for off-road use. Weighing only 65KG for a double cab canopy it’s the ideal solution without sacrificing too much on the weight side. Side door access makes using the canopy a treat!

Seriti in collaboration with Bank Gaborone set themselves up to answer any questions which anyone had with regards to our financing solution. Dan and her team are very hands on with this and have been very helpful in setting this financing structure up for us. We understand the market is ever growing and more people want to get involved in this lifestyle. Being able to finance 4X4 accessories opens the doors to more opportunities for anyone wanting to venture into this lifestyle.

Shaded by the Canopy Centre workshop, our suppliers were able to set themselves up out of the blazing sun that makes Botswana famous for its out of the ordinary heat. Not for the faint hearted.

The scenery over at Ground Control was coupled together with some interesting people and products. Jonathan sure knows how to attract the crowd. Ground Control focus on mine spec vehicles. They deal with the fitment of mine spec required equipment such as Roll Over Protection, fire suppression, emergency lighting, smash and grab window tinting and lots more. So, if you are looking for a complete mine spec solution Ground Control are the guys to see!

Oliver from Securi-Lid came up to man their stand for the event. Strung together an excellent product complimented by their representative’s character, Securi-Lid surely is a product to look out for if you own a pickup and you want to cover up your load bin, with the added security factor to be able to securely lock your valuables away. Securi-Lid can be purchased and installed at Ground Control and can be fitted to most pickups!

When it comes to emergency lighting and equipment, MPI supply a range of products that fall in line with mine spec requirements. MPI have recently introduced a new product to their range, which they were very eager to demo for us and anyone else at the event.

Collision avoidance is a big deal on most mines, so is any other potential safety hazards. Most mines require that vehicles are fitted with collision avoidance equipment.

What does this mean? Well simply that the vehicle can stop itself automatically to avoid collision with objects or obstructions in front of or behind the vehicle. The vehicle is fitted a sonar device that can detect objects obstructing the path of a moving vehicle. This technology can be used to safeguard mining equipment and employees using this equipment.

JB Procurements headed up by Jean-Marc, procure products related to mining, industrial and agricultural market related businesses. Jean-Marc showed off his 15 years of experience behind a deck of cards. We were amazed by his magic tricks he showed off for us. Besides the magician side of Jean-Marc, he is quite the character. Passionate about what he does and very knowledgeable in the market.

Surrounded by a good team and exceptional suppliers who made it to the relaunch, to help execute a successful event, we are back in full swing and ready for the challenges ahead!

All the best from our team for 2019!!