The Big RENO!!!

It has been a manic few months for the Hi-Range and Canopy Centre teams!

We are currently in stage 4 of the Big renovation process, which we started in June 2017.

The new facility is coming along nicely and we are really looking forward to the final product, which promises to be a key tool to better service our valued clients.

We are 95% done with the Exterior of the premises, which now has a fresh and modern feel to it, versus the dated building which we had been operating from over the last 9 years.

We have increased our workshop spaces and migrated our fabrication department into a bigger facility, which will hopefully increase our production volumes.

The new storage facilities are almost complete and will help our stock control and stock holding, immensely!

Hi-Range fitment has a dedicated workshop now, rather than the consolidated workshop that we were utilizing in the past.

The back of house area has been completely leveled and paved, creating a huge amount of secure parking for our customers’ vehicles which are being worked on.

The Interior progress is at around 40% at the moment and is proving to be a challenge to operate from, while the works are underway.

Our showroom has been completely stripped and is currently undergoing a major facelift.  The final product will be one of a modern nature with ample display areas and an extra level, to create a more spacious customer experience.

The building is being remodeled to become as one entity rather than the isolation that we had previously between the two companies. This will create a much better flow between Hi-Range and Canopy Centre and their workshops, which will make life a lot easier.

All of our Offices are being refurbished to be inline with the Modern theme that we are trying to achieve.

All in all, we are en route to an amazing transition and we will get there eventually, we just need to be patient.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hi-Range and Canopy Centre 2.0 !!