Land Cruiser Trip by Edwards – Hi-Range & Canopy

Hi-Range together with Wild Wheels 4×4 have an exciting trip/blog on its way, as Stephan Edwards will be doing a lengthly trip in a Wild Wheels Land Cruiser between the 19th December 2017 and the 12 January 2018, where he will be documenting the different aspects of a 4×4 Self drive safari vehicle as well as the fitted Hi-Range accessories. We are really looking forward to his feedback on his adventures in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.

Enjoy Steve!!! Your chariot awaits!

Hi-Range and Wild Wheels 4×4 are excited to announce an upcoming trip and blog featuring Stephan Edwards and his Wild Wheels Land Cruiser. The trip, which will take place between December 19, 2017, and January 12, 2018, will cover a range of destinations in Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. Stephan will be documenting his adventures in a 4×4 self-drive safari vehicle, as well as showcasing the fitted Hi-Range accessories.

Stephan will be embarking on a lengthy trip that will allow him to experience the best that the African wilderness has to offer. With the Wild Wheels Land Cruiser fully equipped with Hi-Range accessories, Stephan will have all the tools he needs to tackle any terrain and overcome any obstacle he may encounter.

The trip will provide a unique opportunity to showcase the different aspects of a 4×4 self-drive safari vehicle. Stephan will be highlighting the benefits of having a reliable, well-equipped vehicle when traveling in remote areas. He will also be sharing tips and tricks for maintaining and operating a 4×4 vehicle in challenging conditions.

One of the key components of the trip will be the fitted Hi-Range accessories that are installed on the Wild Wheels Land Cruiser. Stephan will be providing feedback on the performance and functionality of each of these accessories, giving readers an in-depth understanding of the benefits of using Hi-Range products.

The trip will take Stephan through some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the African continent. From the vast open plains of the Kalahari Desert to the rugged mountain ranges of Namibia, Stephan will have the opportunity to experience the diverse beauty of this part of the world.

The trip will also provide an opportunity to encounter some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife. 

In addition to documenting his adventures, Stephan will be sharing his insights and experiences with readers through a series of blog posts. These posts will cover a range of topics, including the benefits of a 4×4 self-drive safari vehicle, the importance of reliable accessories, and tips for traveling in remote areas.

Hi-Range and Wild Wheels 4×4 are thrilled to be partnering with Stephan on this exciting adventure. We are confident that his journey will provide valuable insights and information for anyone interested in traveling in Africa or using Hi-Range accessories on their 4×4 vehicle.

So, Steve, your chariot awaits! We can’t wait to hear about your adventures and experiences on this unforgettable trip. Get ready to explore the wilderness of Africa and to showcase the exceptional performance and quality of Hi-Range products. We are eagerly looking forward to your feedback and insights on the trip.