Optimize Your 4WD: Outback Roof Consoles at Hi-Range & Canopy


We are glad to announce that these products are now available in our store. We have stock available for most single and double cab bakkies. The Outback roof consoles have a neat design that fits well with the interior of the vehicle. With a range of options available for various vehicles, this makes a great product to add storage space to your cab without compromising too much.

Great features you can expect –

  • Front interior lights that is a plug and play with your OEM interior lights.
  • A console for a DIN size radio.
  • Optional inserts for smaller radios.
  • Microphone cable holder. Keeps the cable tied neatly against the console, keeping it out of harm’s way!
  • Bluetooth speaker holes. A neat solution that allows for clear sound.
  • Lined storage box locker. This locker box stops contents stored inside from rattling and possible damage against sides of locker box.
  • Smart Leather-grain finish gives the console that “Part of the vehicle – not apart from it” look.


So, if you’re looking for some extra storage space, but still keeping the factory feel, then this is the product!