Letaka Game Viewer by Hi-Range & Canopy Centre

As we wrap up and add yet another Game Viewer to the Letaka fleet. These builds are always great fun but come with challenges;  having to build this with just a few pictures of their current vehicles. The challenges always lie in getting the bends, measurements and seating positions right. However, our fabrication team live for challenges and pulled off yet another fantastic build!!

The fabrication team get tasked with some of the most challenging tasks. Every day brings on new challenges for them, but they play a vital part to the operations at Hi-Range. Pipe bending on its own is an art and their attention to detail and smart-seamless welds gives a unique signature in the market.

Whilst we awaited Letaka’s slot at Kavango for the cab to be cut and a fresh Raptor paint job, the guys managed to get the basis of the rails and side rails tacked up. The side rails run from the front bull bar all along the side of the vehicle, which then bolts on to the rear bumper.

Whilst the vehicle was at Kavango in Maun getting the Cab cut off, we were full steam ahead with pipe bending the four post, eight-seater configuration! We got as much done on the rails so that when the vehicle arrived back, we could get straight into putting the rails on and starting the fine work. Sounds easy? Well I’m sure our fabrication team had other ideas about this.

Once the vehicle returned, we could do the cut out on the side of the load bin where the access point is for the guests. We then put some load bin skins in and got it into rubberizing to get the load bin, wheel arch’s and access point trim rubberized.

Now remembering that all of this is done from a few pictures of one of their current vehicles, getting the angles, cuts, measurements and styles takes a little more extra care in getting it right.

So, the idea is a four-post design with eight single Letaka branded seats covered in rip-stop canvas with lap belts on each. 

Along the outer sides are a two-post arm rests with wooden trims. Mounted along the sides of each seat is a neatly carpeted drink holder.

We have a double spare wheel mount on the back of the frame, with support to allow for easy removal and mounting of the spare wheels.

The custom-made tow bar that also supports the frame on the rear is nicely finished off with checkered plate.

Along the side rails we have black checker plate on the stepping points. This gives good platform for guests to climb up onto the game viewer.

We mounted 2 ROK9 Lightforce lights on either side of the vehicle. This is for when guests are getting on or off at night. These lights give off good light for this purpose. We also used one for the interior lighting. The ROK9’s is IP69 rated! Perfect for Delta conditions.

We installed a dual battery system. This is to run the exterior lights and any other accessories the guests may want to charge without affecting the vehicle’s starter battery. This also runs a 40L 12V fridge up front between the first two seats. Perfect for keeping those drinks cold!

Behind the driver’s seat there is a storage box which also has a range of power points including a dual USB port for charging purposes. These power points run off the secondary battery so do not disturb the main starter battery.

All this extra weight must be carried by something. In this case none other than a Tough Dog suspension upgrade. This will increase the ride comfort and give some extra lift to the vehicle even when fully loaded with guests.

Looking forward to Letaka’s next build. Their new Isuzu 300 4WD Truck! Keep an eye out for that one!!