De Graaf Performance Exhausts!

We now offer De Graaf Performance Exhausts which can be supplied and fitted at our workshop.

Fitting a performance exhaust to your vehicle can be very beneficial to the performance of your vehicle from increased power to improved fuel consumption. It is important to note the advantages of a performance exhaust.




When you increase airflow coming in and out of your engine you are allowing the engine to run cooler, which also helps prolong the life span of essential moving parts in the engine. Such increase in airflow can be achieved by fitting a snorkel for better inflow of air. By increasing the exhaust pipe diameter, you allow the engine to exhale air a lot easier. Kind of like trying to breath through a blocked nose, once you clear the air ways the body can take in more oxygen, which helps the body function better.

Advantages of a performance exhaust –

  1. Increased power
  2. Better fuel efficiency
  3. Improved sound

The increase in power allows the engine to run at lower RPM. The engine then uses less fuel to achieve the same power output. This particularly makes a big difference when driving in soft sand, as ideally you want to keep the revs as low as possible with maximum torque. The exhaust also gives the engine a rumbling sound that isn’t overpowering especially on the diesel engines, but distinct enough to know that something is cooking under the bonnet!

We can accommodate most current vehicles but not all of them. So, get in touch with us to find out if we have a system available for your vehicle.