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Letaka Safaris support truck!!

Letaka Safaris is a mobile safari company based in the north of Botswana, in Maun.   Their operation requires vehicles for back-up and support to carry their equipment out into some of the most remote areas of Botswana.   Based on a truck that we completed for them a few years back, we had a good idea of what they were looking for. The purpose of this vehicle was going to be for back-up support, which will assist in carrying equipment needed for the mobile safari setup. These will be items such as tents, bedding, fridges, food and drinks, tables, chairs and so much more!   We have made a few minor tweaks to this version, compared to the original design:   The original truck, that we had equipped previously, had a basket over the cab. The problem with the original design is it required structural support around the cab to support the weight of the basket and for any additional luggage loaded into the basket. This design had its disadvantages. It required a lot more material and added additional weight to the truck. The experience from the client, based on the first build, was that the framework on the cab was flexing when the vehicle was articulated in rough terrain, which meant that the framework could potentially damage the body of the cab.     With a new design and plan in place, the fabrication team set off with getting some pipes bent. They started off with an angle iron frame around the load bin. The pipes were then bent individually to start shaping the structure, which was welded to the angle iron frame that was already bolted down to the load bin. Profiling the bends so that each individual pipe had exactly the same angle took time and…

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