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Wild Wheel’s Latest Addition!!!

If you know anything about travelling in Botswana, you will understand why a call for such a beast - is nothing - but a necessity. Harsh conditions dominate the travelers experience in this part of the world. With a self-drive safari rental vehicle this is the perfect match! From badly corrugated roads of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve to the deep river crossings of the Moremi and Delta, its important to have the correct set up for such a mix of terrain. Wild Wheels has just the right offering. Of their fleet of 8 vehicles, they have a single cab V8 Land Cruiser, 4 double cab Toyota Hilux Revo’s, two Nissan NP300 (Hardbody) and 1 double cab Land Cruiser 4.2 Diesel. They have the perfect pick of vehicles best suited to the customer but also the terrain. If you are looking for a 4X4 rental company with friendly staff, good advice and offerings then Wild Wheels is your answer! After being on a long waiting list for this vehicle from Toyota, it eventually arrived and was in line for some serious upgrades! We started off by taking off everything we don’t need. These are accessories fitted at the factory that won’t be needed for this build. Removing the cab rail and load bin spare wheel mount to allow for the rubberizing team over at Canopy Centre to rubberize the load bin and later for the Rhino-cab canopy to be fitted. Before rubberizing, the fabrication team installed load bin skins. Because the load bin of a cruiser is a single sheet panel, to protect this we add in a layer of sheet metal to form a “double layer” and reinforce the internal section of the load bin. These are primed with a grey metal primer to avoid any form of corrosion.…

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