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Hi-Range Rangers

Our team recently completed some major work on two Ford Rangers. It seems as if these Rangers are reproducing in our workshop. We entered into long discussions with the customers to decide on a setup that would work for the vehicle’s intended application. In the case of the first customer (Extra Cab), the vehicle was to be setup as a self-sustaining camper and would need all the necessary gear to achieve this. The work on the Extra Cab Ranger was set out for us! While the other client, with his Double Cab Ranger, would do shorter more frequent trips, that didn’t require as much, sustainability gear. Well…that’s what he says now. The first port of call is protection! Out there on the trails, your vehicle gets put through very rough terrain and is very exposed to the elements, so its important to have quality protection. So, starting on the front, we fitted an Oppositelock bullbar. Oppositelock bullbar is an Australian built and tested product with Airbag Certification. OL pride themselves in quality products that offers the durability needed to take on the outback thus making it a great competitor for the African market and more so for the Botswana market. We fitted the same bar on the double cab, except that we put a set of LED 215 Light Force spotlights on the Double Cab. The Double Cab will do driving at night and requires that extra lighting. Sump protection is vitally important against sharp, rocky objects that may cause serious damage to the under carriage. So, with a Front Runner sump guard protection that offers the needed protection for the under belly of your 4X4, it is a must have. We fitted both Rangers with this sump guard. On the rear we fitted an ONCA bumper with a single…

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